Take part in the CrediSco funding

Machine learning, block chain verification for advanced fraud detection.

We have already acquired funding for our project from private sponsors and a couple of big automotive and banking institutions. The second crowd-funding phase begins on DEC-25-2017. 1 ETH = 200 CSCO tokens. Hard cap hidden. Soft cap 10 million CSCO tokens (50 000 ETH). Single click the Ethereum ETH address to copy it to your clipboard. Transfer 0.2 (min) and 50 ETH (max) to the address bellow, using an ERC-20 compatible wallet⚠️. The tokens will be redeemable after the ICO ends.


☑ Completed:Phase I - 25-Dec-2018 - 08-Jan-2018

☐ In Progress: Phase II - 08-Jan-2018 - 28-Feb-2018. Countdown to the end of the second and final phase of our ICO:

ICO Start 08-Jan-2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ICO End:28-Feb-2018
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Travel in the fast lane of success

Getting a bad credit score from one of the big players could result in years upon years of corrective actions, just to be able to go to zero. Our B2B platform bypasses those tedious steps and offers small businesses and end users with a trusted alternate credit scoring system. Our main clients are Banks, Automotive and Telecom businesses. That means that even if you have been cursed by a bad credit score in the past, you still qualify for a low premium loan with CrediScore with our partners.

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Trustworthy fraud detection

In the world of banks even one mistake can cost you much. Credit score can go down, despite years of regular payments, with one mistake - a stolen identity, a missed payment just to name a few. With CrediSco everybody gets a chance for a clean start. The security is guaranteed for both lender and client by the block-chain.